5 Fun Winter Festivals in Hokkaido

by Nee Ta | 01.16.2020 | Hokkaido,Niseko | 0 comments

Winter in Hokkaido offers a great deal more than skiing and snowboarding, including the famous festivals around the island. In Japan, festivals are a popular way to celebrate seasons, pray for good harvests or just celebrate in a local town or city. In winter most of these festivals are centred around ice and snow but […]

5 Must eat foods in Niseko

by Nee Ta | 08.27.2019 | Food,foodie,Restaurants | 5 comments

1. Soup Curry Soup curry is possibly one of the most underrated dishes in Japan, with a broth that is made over 10 hours by boiling meat-bones and herbs together with onion and ginger. You will find that each broth is slightly different as you try them all over Hokkaido. The best thing about a […]